A New Page in the Field of Education

An eminent faculty, headed by Dr. Madhura Phadke, an experienced educationist, will bring a fresh perspective to conventional methods of education. A blend of young, as well as experienced facilitators, will ensure the holistic development of every student. The school will ensure the physical intellectual, emotional and moral development of students keeping in mind the larger goals of the Naik Charitable Trust.

We have all been educated in a teacher-centric classroom. However, the need of the Day is for education to prepare students to lead successful, fulfilling lives. In today’s world, this means providing them with relevant educational experiences that nurture their passions, problem-solving abilities, and higher-level thinking skills, including critical thinking, creativity and hence our classrooms need to be student-centric with teachers’ acting as facilitators.

Education today has to focus on creating a global citizenry capable of not just doing, but creating jobs and finding solutions to a host of unprecedented global challenges. This requires a much broader approach towards education which has an inclusive flavour and fosters entrepreneurship, global awareness, and a humanistic outlook that includes an appreciation of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

Today, more than what you know, what is important is how you can apply this knowledge in real-life… this challenges not only the content of what we teach but the ways in which we teach. In today’s world, students need Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, History, and Geography and are able to apply them to solve real-world problems.

Students are natural learners. The challenge, and a primary goal of education, must be to nurture already curious, flexible, creative, and potentially critical thinkers. This requires a more balanced approach that encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning by asking their own questions and forging their own creative solutions. Our classrooms will provide many opportunities for students’ collaborative work as the world needs people who can work together to solve problems. All this requires open-ended, collaborative classroom projects that require knowledge from multiple subjects to tackle messy issues with no one right answer.


We have teachers who get pupils excited about learning by...

Creativity & Innovation
Analytical & objective faculties
A growth mindset, with quest for knowledge & desire to excel
Moral leadership
Holistic development
Pupils with skills & knowledge essential for living in the 21st century