Dr. Madhura Phadke


We challenge, facilitate & transform our young learners into responsible global citizens of tomorrow…

It is said that the strength of a team is each individual member & the strength of each member is the team. The same can be said about the amalgamation of Naik Charitable Trust headed by
Mr. A. M. Naik & the finest faculty at A. M. Naik school. When they come together it will become a team that will change the educational landscape of Powai for the better.

Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision & change… A. M. Naik School Powai is all set to make a positive impact by providing learners spaces that inspire students by constantly adapting to their needs and aspirations. Our airy, spacious & technology-enabled classrooms, coupled with AR & VR are designed to match learning objectives, inspire learning and reflect the diversity of environment that the students are exposed to outside a school setup.

We at A M Naik School firmly believe that education is transformational and is a strong force that erases any divisions of race, class & culture, unlocking every person’s true potential.

The entire team is committed to providing education of the highest quality that motivates students to acquire knowledge and to accomplish their goals.

At A. M. Naik School, our students will have a safe, conducive learning atmosphere that will make them feel good to be at school & to be lifelong learners.

In the words of our Chairman Mr. A. M. Naik, “Education is more than imparting knowledge; it is the nurturing of the Character”, hence our carefully chosen theme for interiors is ‘Diamond’. The thought behind choosing the theme is that we want our students to be like a diamond … Precious & rare …

The theme correlates the formation of a diamond to the cycle of schooling… with the best academic & co-curricular inputs from our facilitators, well-planned activities, the right amount of discipline coupled with a strong value base that will create global citizens of tomorrow.

When white light enters a diamond, the outcome is the entire spectrum of colours… in the same way, our qualified & experienced facilitators will help our students develop into all-around personalities with the right character and a strong value base.

Our carefully crafted vision will help every pupil to rise to his/ her true potential and develop into a globally competitive productive citizen.

Our mission is to nurture our pupils socially & academically, by providing them with high-quality instruction & establishing partnerships with our families & society at large.

On behalf of the Management and the facilitators of the school, I welcome you to this extended A.M.N School family. Looking forward to receiving our pupils, parents & facilitators. As we open our doors to our first batch of pupils & pledge to leave better kids for our planet.