You will be the right candidate for our school if you possess the following attributes:

  • Patience: An important characteristic for effective teachers in both practice and as a model.
  • Empathy: As a teacher, it's important to be sensitive and thoughtful to make sure the learners feel they're in a safe environment.
  • Self-improvement: Educators who are willing to learn as well as teach are important to the future of learning. Every teacher should be willing to engage in lifelong learning, whether that be going back to school for higher education, attending conferences to help them learn more about education, or reading books and articles about their field.
  • Adaptability: A great teacher should be willing & able to adjust his or her teaching methods and expectations to align them with the needs of the learner. This trait is vital for teachers who want to help each unique individual find success in their classroom.
  • Unbiased approach: A teacher needs to be able to objectively look at each student to help them in whatever way they need. Learning needs to be done in a safe environment, so when you teach you need to remove anything that can make you see students in a less favorable light.
  • Stress Management: Teaching is a very challenging vocation & teachers need to be able to keep their cool in order to be good role models for their students. Any outburst could be discouraging or even frightening for students, leading them to lose trust and interest in education.
  • Great Communication Skills: A teacher needs to have mastery over her subject as well as the ability to effectively transfer that knowledge to her students. She also needs to communicate with parents, her colleagues and other stakeholders during the course of her day to day activities.
  • Good Listening Skills: It is mandatory for every teacher to be a good listener as this will help her reach out to the students & be their friend, philosopher & guide in the true spirit of these words. She will be better equipped to identify the unique strength & weakness of her students & thereby motivate, inspire & challenge them to do better.
  • Ability to assess the learners' level of comprehension: A good teacher should be focused on making sure their students truly understand the material, and be concerned with the retention of their students, making sure they really know and can do the work, not just checking off the boxes for the lesson plan.
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