A. Withdrawal of New Admission (2023-24)

Withdrawal Deduction (Rs.) Refund (Rs.)
On or before 28th February, 2023 Admission Fee – 2,100 64,800
From 1st March to 31st March. 2023 Admission Fee – 2,100 56,100
  Tuition Fee – 8,700  
  Total – 10,800  
After 1st April, 2023 Admission Fee – 2,100 47,400
  Tuition Fee + Notice Fee =17,400  
  Total – 19,500  
After attendance on Day 1 of the new academic session Admission Fee – 2,100 38,700
  Tuition Fee + Term Fee + Notice Fee =17,400  
  Total – 28,200  
After 1st May, 2023 School Fees will not be refunded, only the deposit will be refunded 30,000


B. Withdrawal of Roll Over Admissions

  • In case of roll over students, if the parent has paid the fee for the term and there is a mid-term withdrawal, tuition fee for the period till which student has attended will be deducted. In case 1 months’ notice is not given, one additional month’s fee will be deducted.
  • If the child has attended even one day of school, term fee is not refundable, if child has not attended school, term fee would be refunded along with the balance tuition fee.
  • In case the parent has not paid the fee, the school will withhold issuing of Leaving Certificate till the dues as mentioned above are settled.